Absolute ethanol

GRADE STANDARD:Electron Grade, Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade

HS CODE: 2207100010

CAS NO.: 64-17-5


ORIGIN: NanJing, China

PURITY:70%, 75%, 95%, 96%, 99.9%


Product Advantages

Absolute ethanol refers to an aqueous solution of ethanol with high purity, which is a mixture of ethanol and water. Generally, the ethanol solution with the concentration of 99.5% is anhydrous ethanol.

Ethanol is an important organic solvent, which is widely used in medicine, coatings, sanitary products, cosmetics, oil and other aspects, accounting for about 50% of the total consumption of ethanol. Ethanol is an important basic chemical raw material. 75% ethanol aqueous solution has strong bactericidal ability and is a commonly used disinfectant. Specially refined ethanol can also be used to make beverages. Similar to methanol, ethanol can be used as energy.

Product Specification

item value
CAS No. 64-17-5
Other Names Ethanol absolute
EINECS No. 200-578-6
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
CN NO. 32061
UN NO. 1170
Molecular weight 46.07
Package 1L/5L/160KG/800KG/ISO tank
Density 0.789g/cm3
Flash point 12℃
Ignition temperature 363℃
Solubility Miscible with water in any ratio
boiling point 78℃


1. 75% ethanol aqueous solution has strong bacteriicidal ability and is a commonly used disinfectant.

2. Beverages with ethanol content of more than 0.5%(vol), including various fermented wines, distilled wines and prepared wines.

3. Adding an appropriate amount of ethanol into gasoline as vehicle fuel can save oil resources and reduce air pollution.

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